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Star Citizen 2.0 Flight Model Changes


The upcoming 2.0 update for Star Citizen will be bringing a whole lot of new features and changes (no shit), and while most people are buzzing about the mini-PU and Star Marine, many folks are excited for the upcoming flight model changes, and damn, there is going to be a motherload. Check it all out here.

Weekly Videos

In this week’s 10 for the X, we sit down with producers Eric Kieron Davis and Darian Vorlick for some insight into organizational matters.


With the recent consolidation and human resource changes that happened in CIG, such as the end of the partnership with IllFonic, the staff has been mixed up quite thoroughly, and this wasn’t lost on the community. The two producers do their best to alleviate any concerns you may have.

Everything’s cool.


This week, its all about the changes to the flight model. In episode 2.05 of Around the Verse, we sit down with Pete Mackay and John Pritchett who answer your most pressing questions about the upcoming alterations to how your rust bucket will fly.


The art sneak peek also shows off some Xi’An Scout concept art.

Returning Features


You might mistake this week’s rather sneaky installment of the Galactic Guide for a genuine portfolio of a new game developer who came under the CIG umbrella – however, as InterDimensional’s founders had some gaming exploits in 2941, this is clearly just a subtle piece of backstory and worldbuilding. In-universe, this is the studio responsible for developing Star Marine, the upcoming FPS module of Arena Commander. So from now on, it’s to them that you need to issue your complaints regarding the constant delays.


This sod again. You know you’re about to read some bullshit when it all starts with Bishop’s Betrayal. Seriously, we’re talking about Gary Oldman. Who wouldn’t trust Gary Oldman? Anyway, if you need a laugh, or if you have a thing for terrible conspiracy theories, have a read.


We can feel the tension mounting. The impending launch of 2.0 is on the air. The winds of change are blowing…

Um, yeah, so. Ever since all that merging business was done with, development on Star Citizen 2.0 is going ahead full steam. Animation work, server stability and performance tweaking are still the biggest things on the To Do list, however bit by bit the pieces are falling into place. Check it out here!


In a particularly impressive feat, one extremely dedicated citizen posted the full unlisted changelog for the recent 1.3.0 version of Star Citizen. Check it out here and be awed.

Around the Web

The recent release of the 1.3.0 patch for Arena Commander, plus the upcoming changes detailed that are arriving with 2.0 have dominated the Star Citizen gaming press the past week. This PC Gamer article sums up the flight model changes.

That wraps up this week’s Citizen’s Journal.

Remember, fly safe and fly bold!

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