Hey, friends!

It’s another year and Extra Life is here. It’s an opportunity for us all to do good for sick kids across the country by way of video games. What could be better?

We’re not going as hard as a couple of years back, if you remember, but we’re still participating with a light goal of $100. As with our little website, we’re part of the MIST Network team on Extra Life as well. Here’s our page!

We’ve got a couple of prizes to give away this year. Hit the cut to learn more!

Since we’re going light on participation this year, there will not be an official 24-hour stream on twitch.tv/streamcontinue. However, I will be streaming some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer later on my personal channel in simultaneous honor of N7 Day.

Here’s how it breaks down: We have two boxes chock full of prizes to raffle off to you. You can make a donation on my Extra Life fundraising page. A $10 donation will earn you one entry to win one of two boxes containing the following and more!


2015-07-27 14.22.43
Generously donated by NIS America, we have two pairs of this wonderful series to give away to celebrate the recent release of Danganronpa: Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (which is also available on PlayStation Vita)! Each box contains one copy of Trigger Happy Havoc and one copy of Goodbye Despair to prime you for Ultra Despair Girls!


2015-11-07 13.55.55
A huge box of these figures was given to us by Square Enix and we’re looking to put these hot little figures in your hands! Each box contains one Adam Jensen.

You might be thinking, “Hey, Kyle… Those boxes look like they contain a lot more than just two games and a figure…”
2015-11-07 13.56.15
Hey, you’re right! Each box not only contains the above-mentioned items, but ALSO have tons of goodies I have amassed over 2015 from going to various events! Pins, t-shirts, and more are contained within each, so they are extra special!

Again, each donation of $10 gives you one entry into the raffle for one box! If you donate $20, that’s two entries, $30 is three, and so on! You get the picture.

No reason to wait any longer. Head on over to my donation page and let’s get one of these boxes into your hands!

Your time and generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Some Rules & Regulations
1. You may only receive one box, no matter how large your donation.
2. Boxes are shipped free within the continental United States. International shipping must be paid by the recipient.
3. Only two boxes are available.
4. Prizes may not be exchanged, but may be transferred.
5. Save/Continue is not affiliated with NIS America or Square Enix.

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