It’s official, Hideo Kojima, of Metal Gear fame, has officially parted ways with Konami. For those unfamiliar with their tumultuous relationship, the real signs a problem was brewing began at the start of this year.  Kojima’s project with director Guillermo del Toro, P.T., was cancelled and practically scorched from this earth — as Konami even had the demo removed from the PlayStation Network.

It didn’t end there. Konami went as far as to begin removing Kojima’s name from projects he helmed. That familiar “A Hideo Kojima Game” fans were so accustomed to seeing on the box of a Metal Gear title was scrapped, even on titles released long ago. Konami continued to maintain that nothing was wrong, and Kojima would be finishing up Metal Gear Solid V. Part of that was true, as Kojima did finish his work on the game, but that would be his last title under the employment of Konami.

Kojima without Konami feels bizarre, and as much as we may all miss his work on a beloved franchise like Metal Gear, this sounds like one of the best things to happen for fans of his work. He’s stated before he wanted Metal Gear to end long ago, and it appears that a partnership with Sony will finally give us a taste of what he’s capable of outside of Konami’s reign.

It’s hard to say what this means for Kojima now, as we know nothing aside from this is a PlayStation title.  However, it’s exciting to think about what Kojima maybe free to create in a new collaboration. Metal Gear may very well continue without Kojima, but I feel like I can finally say goodbye to the series and move on with its creator.

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