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Hello, out there.

Yes, it’s been quite a while since you’ve heard from us on the site. Unless you’ve been keeping up with the podcast team, who are currently on their 78th episode (and still going, bless ‘em). There are a multitude of reasons that this has come to pass. Exhaustion, depression, a general lack of enthusiasm knowing that we’ll never reach the same echelons of the greats (both old and new), many key staff members going off to greener pastures, and, more personally, I made the jump to public relations with a company that specializes in indie games a little over a year ago.

This post has been a long time coming, but this announcement is to say that Save/Continue isn’t quite as dead as it appears to be, but certainly dying in a metaphorical sense.

When the other editors and I started Save/Continue a few years back, we wanted to make sure that it was a safe haven from all the hubbub of the more fiery, less “desirable” parts of culture and took a real focus on the games themselves. I championed the idea that we avoided controversy for the sake of focusing on games, forgoing deep conversations about race, gender, politics, or anything that might be considered an “incendiary” topic. I now realize that that was something of a mistake, as my personal left-leaning tendencies are inherently embedded in discourse of these types. There’s honestly no way around it and whether that is good or bad isn’t really the issue—it simply is and it isn’t something I should have tried to avoid.

As of today, Save/Continue is saving its old file and continuing on as something else, in the spirit of where the name originated and what it will always mean. This website will no longer be geared towards news and reviews and be a home for thought pieces about games, the industry, and everything in between.

If this means anything, I’m simply removing the “formal” nature that began with our previous website and went on with Save/Continue. There will be no formal reviews, no striving for hits, no metaphorical shouting of “FIRST!” should we arrive to a topic before others—just some thoughts from fingers that you’re welcome to agree or disagree with. A deep part of me knew that I tired of the “rat race” of the journalistic side of things, always trying to outdo bigger websites for the sake of building a reputation. That’s largely where the exhaustion stemmed from. It’s impossible to keep up, especially when your hobby turns into work, which ends up being an addition to your day job.

That said, while this isn’t exactly the end of the Cold War, the wind of change is upon us anyway.

You can keep up to date here or you can follow me on Twitter. Hope you like Overwatch, because that will certainly be a hot topic around these parts.

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